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Thomas Jankas- Mobility / Functional Training

Specializing in corrective exercises and functional bodybuilding, Tom is a true believer in doing things the right way. A healthy body is a body that moves correctly. But, a healthy body is also one that is strong, functional, and one that your proud to look at in the mirror. He does what works, not what’s trendy.

Howard “Howie” Skora, Certified Personal Trainer

Howie has had over 20 years experience (over 10,000 hours) as a one-on-one Fitness Specialist; Certified by both The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)and American Council on Exercise (ACE).  He has been a featured Fitness Pro on Fox 11’s Good Day LA’s “Ask The Expert” segment as well as a Featured Trainer on The Discovery Channel’s Fitness Challenge show.  He is also a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Howie ran the Personal Training department of the Legendary Gold’s Gym Venice “The Mecca of Bodybuilding” for 8 years where he managed a team of 18 personal trainers.  Before joining Gold’s, Howie worked at Liddy Chiropractic and Health Works where he prescribed exercise for chiropractic patients including special populations affected by diabetes, obesity, aging, arthritis, pregnancy, coronary heart disease, hypertension and MS.

At the same time, Howie was also a corporate trainer for Autostreching USA where he became one of the first 23 trainers in the United States to learn specific stretching techniques developed in the Alfta Rehab Center in Sweden for avoiding Carpel Tunnel syndrome and other work related injuries.  He still utilizes these valuable techniques when training his clients.

Howie began his career as an apprentice of celebrity trainer Mark Stevens.  From 1993-1998, Howie worked at The Gym by Mark Stevens home to such celebrity clients as Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Stone and others.  Howie has a degree in Psychology from Skidmore College which he considers the most important part of his education for helping people as a trainer, as he says, “it’s the mind that stops people much more than anything in the body”.

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