What We Do

Our program is not your usual “diet and exercise, counting your calories” program. Everything is done by correcting optimal endogenous levels and replacing what is deficient. By taking this internal approach, it cuts to the core of the issue that causes obesity or stubborn weight loss.

AFSRX TROUBLESHOOTING uses blood work as a blueprint to the root issues of stubborn weight management. Stubborn weight loss stems from:

  • Cortisol
  • Insulin resistance
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Low T
  • Hypo / Hyperthyroidism
  • Auto Immune
  • Gut toxicity
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Inflammation


Blood tests help us understand your medical condition.


Develop your custom plan


Study and decipher the results of your labwork


Weekly monitoring and accountability sessions.


Weekly fine tuning of your solutions based on your results.

When you fix the internal issues of the body, the outside fixes all by itself

Our programs are from A-Z and deliver exactly what is needed to achieve your goals.

Harley Shin

Harley is the founder of AFSRX. 25 years in personal training, 10 years of studying medicine, and 15 years of researching nutrition on the chemical and cellular impact to the endocrine system.
“What is written in literature is BS because it only applies with the assumption of a perfectly functioning human body.”
Troubleshooting the causation and proper application is needed to successfully eliminate the side effects.
“Every condition whether it’s internal or external i.e. obesity, metabolic syndrome, cellulite, high cholesterol, fatigue, stubborn weight loss, etc are messages your body is sending and needs interpretation.”
Harley currently works with 
Rand McClain D.O.
(See “Partners” page on Dr. Rand McClain)
Harley has worked with Hollywood actors for body composition and total transformations, professional athletes for optimal performance nutrition, and many patients that suffer from hypo / hyperthyroidism, low T, diabetes (type 1&2), and many other immune related ailments.

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Harley Shin

Founder / President